Welcome to the Website of the Assessor Compliance Administrator!

Welcome to the Official Website of the appointed Assessor Compliance Administrator (“ACA”). We intend this site to be an on-line resource for current and past employees of the Cook County Assessor’s Office (the “Assessor” or the “Assessor’s Office”) and any other citizen, voter or taxpayer who may be interested in the ongoing work of the Court-appointed ACA, Susan G. Feibus.

The Honorable Sidney Schenkier, a federal magistrate judge serving the Northern District of Illinois, appointed Susan G. Feibus as ACA on January 26, 2016.

Pursuant to the Court’s Agreed Order for the Cook County Assessor’s Office (“the Agreed Order”), which was filed September 19, 2012, the ACA and her staff are tasked with the following duties: (1) evaluating the Assessor’s existing employment procedures and policies; (2) training the trainers and assisting with training Assessor employees; (3) assisting in developing an Employment Plan; (4) assisting in developing procedures for Senior Managers and Executive Assistants; (5) obtaining a new Exempt List and making recommendations as to resolving any disagreements regarding the Exempt List; (6) adjudicating Pre-Agreed Order claims and (7) monitoring Post-Agreed Order claims.  Following the performance of these duties, and once the ACA has had an opportunity to monitor employment actions within the Assessor’s Office for compliance with its new Employment Plan and related policies and procedures, the ACA will make a recommendation to the Court as to whether the Assessor’s Office is in substantial compliance with the Agreed Order and whether the Assessor operates an office free from political discrimination.

We welcome input from the public concerning ways to ensure the satisfactory completion of our mission. We particularly seek the input of job applicants, current employees, former employees, elected officials and any other person interested is sharing their experiences and/or opinions.

To Provide Information to the ACA

We welcome any individual who would like to offer input or information to contact the ACA at (312) 343-0221. If you would prefer to meet with a staff member in person, please call and make an appointment in advance.